A kayak for lighter men, women or for shorter trips with light baggage. Extraordinarily dynamic in steering, excellent for turbulent waves and during sudden turnings. Compared to classic sea kayaks, it features a shorter and narrower hull. It is recommended for kayakers experienced in marine tourism for whom traditional sea kayaks of a length exceeding 5m are too long. Sea Emotion 480 is great for smaller reservoirs, big lakes, and wide rivers.

The kayak is characterised by excellent nautical properties that have been achieved owing to the use of an innovative, almost flat bottom of a very wide V cone angle. The solution improves stability even in strongest winds. At the same time it maintains speed and lightness of handling..

The deck has been lowered behind the cockpit enabling the kayaker to lie on back and rest. The comfort during very long trips is maintained by an anatomical seat formed with a thermoforming method.

Aquarius Sea Emotion has two baggage hatches (bow and stern). In the bow, another waterproof compartment for small things (2 l.) has been mounted with a profiled place for a compass. Stern baggage hatches are independent (divided additionally by the third bulkhead). Fittings have been placed under especially profiled hollows in the deck. Rigging may be changed into fluorescent.

Standard equipment:
• Rear small hatch
• Front small hatch
• Decklines
• Rudder
• Skeg
Additional equipment:
• Self rescue system
• Reflecitve decklines


Material version
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacum
Club+: carbon/kevlar + vacum
Length: 48 cm
Width: 56 cm
Outer cockpit: - 87 x 48 cm
Inner cockpit: 79×40 cm
Club: 19 kg
Club+: 18 kg
RAL Palette
Cockpits size
Front: 45 l.
Tylny: 45 l.
Dziennyi: 2 l.

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