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We offer polyethylene kayaks of the Aquarius brand as well as waterproof bags and cases available under our own brand, GoPack.


About us

Aquarius has been on the market since 1983.

The company is the leader on the Polish market of composite kayak production and attested protective equipment, including protective and life jackets. Our offer includes polyethylene kayaks sold under the Aquarius brand and waterproof covers and bags sold under our own brand, GoPack.

Aquarius is a distributor of water sport accessories of the following brands: Egalis, Peak UK, Overboard and many others as well as the only Polish distributor of the French company DAG.

The company successfully implements the strategy of sustainable development by gradually broadening its range in the water sport category and acquiring new markets. We focus on long-term relations with business partners and the careful choice of our employees.

The position of a leader obliges. We are committed to the quality of our products. Our personnel constantly monitor the market for new technologies and trends as well as ensure high standards of quality controls. Our suppliers are always verified in terms of quality of their materials.