Sea Leopard is a so-called British Style Sea Kayaks. It is intended for lighter men and women. Compared to traditional sea kayaks, it has a smaller displacement.

This kayak, which is more than 5m long, is extraordinarily agile and fast. Excellent nautical properties have been gained by the use of an innovative, almost flat bottom of a very wide V cone angle.

The kayak is intended for kayaking with a skeg (sword), without a rudder. Skeg maintains a straight course, stabilizing the kayak on turbulent waves and during stops.

Sea Leopard comes with standard equipment of two big waterproof baggage hatches and one day hatch behind the cockpit. Stern baggage hatches are independent (divided by an additional third bulkhead) and feature separate manholes. There is an additional compartment for small things and a profiled place for a compass in the bow.

Standard equipment:
skeg , decklines, 4 hatches (front,rear,day,mini)


Material version
Club+: vacum
Carbon/kevlar + vacum
Carbon: full carbon + vacum
Length: 490 cm
Width: 50 cm
Outer cockpit: - 82 x 44 cm
Inner cockpit: 79×39 cm
Club+: 21 kg
Carbon/kevlar + vacum: 21 kg
Carbon: 19 kg
RAL Palette
Color schemes
Classic, Pro+, Orca
Capacity and buoyancy
Kayak: 270 litry
Front hatch: 66 litry
Rear hatch: 58 litry
Day hatch: 33 litry
Paddler weight: 50 - 75 kg

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