Aquarius Canoe NAOMU

A big canoe that will accommodate up to six people. The classic appearance refers to the design of Red Indian boats. Its bench frame is made of wood, whereas seats have been made of interwoven webbing belts.

Kanu Naomu is characterised by excellent nautical parameters. It keeps a straight course very well. There are two inner keels along the bottom, so called 3Hull.

The canoe is available in 3 equipment versions:
BASIC: 3 wooden benches, no baggage hatches
PREMIUM: 3 or 4 wooden benches, a baggage hatch of 50l
PREMIUM+: 3 wooden benches, two waterproof baggage hatches of 100 l


Material version
Standard: diolen/Poliamid
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacum
Length: 500cm
Width: 90cm
Standard: 38kg
Club: 36kg
Number of persons
up 4 person

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