Aquarius Race PRO Life Jacket

A rescue jacket. It combines characteristics of a protective vest (comfort and freedom of movement) with protection against drowning in case of loss of consciousness. The jacket protects one against lighter injuries and amortises during a fall. Comparing to a traditional rescue jacket, the collar has been significantly reduced and does not limit the field of vision. Deep openings for arms guarantee the freedom of movement of both hands..
It meets requirements of the SOLAS Convention. A collar made of displacement foam turns people in water to face up and always keeps the head above a water surface. It is made of corduroy type material characterised by high tearing resistance, additionally strengthened with vertical belts. There is a handle on the back that makes it easy to get a person out of water. The jacket can be easily fitted to a body using three safety belts with a buckle and length adjustment. The belt buckle at the chest height has been covered with reflexive coating that fulfils functions of an additional reflection.
For whom:
Aquarius MQ Plus has been designed for people doing motor-water sports. Recommended for use on a water scooter.
• Three safety belts (with a buckle and length adjustment) • A drawstring at a chest height • A reflective buckle • A whistle • Handles for getting a person out of water • SOLAS reflective tapes • d-ring for accessories


Size Chest circumference Weight Recommended weight Capacity
S 82-102 cm 40 < m < 50 kg 40 < m < 60 kg 60N
M 107 – 107 cm 60 < m < 60 kg 60 < m < 70 kg 70N
L 107 – 117 cm 60 < m < 70 kg m < 70+ kg 80N
XL 117 – 122 cm m < 70+ kg m < 80+ kg 100N
XXL < 122 cm m < 70++ kg m < 90++ kg 100N


PN-EN ISO 12402-04:2007
Powerboat sports
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