Aquarius Travel

A single polyethylene sea kayak for experienced users who look for a kayak at a decent price but of nautical and user properties reserved for the premium sector. A spacious cockpit and a comfortable seat covered with elastic foam has been designed to satisfy requirements of people with massive wide hips and weighing in excess of 120 kg.

An innovative, almost flat bottom of a very wide V cone angle has been used in the hull structure, providing high lateral stability on high waves, maintaining speed and lightness of manoeuvring.

Aquarius Travel has been designed by Swede, Johan Wirsen, one of the best sea kayak designers in the world.

Standard Aquarius Travel is equipped with a helm featuring a smart track system (helm raising and lowering with a line in the cockpit), two big baggage hatches (bow and stern) as well as an additional waterproof daily hatch behind the cockpit, a so called day hatch (3 l.). An additional waterproof compartment with a nylon bag for smaller things (2 l.) has been mounted on the bow. Stern baggage hatches are independent (separated with an additional third bulkhead) and have separate manholes. Fittings have been placed under especially profiled hollows in the deck.

• 3 closed cargo space
• small cockpit cargo space
• Deckline
• Hip-pads


Length: 500 cm
Width: 60 cm
Kokpit: 89 x 53 cm
29 kg
max. waga kajakarza: 120 kg
Color options

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