Aquarius Surfski COASTER

Surfski type kayak has been designed for dynamic cruising through open waters. Its bottom profile has been adopted from sport kayaks. It is recommended for kayakers who train fast floating. It features a very safe structure of sit-on-top type, which prevents cockpit flooding or kayak sinking.

Aquarius Coster kayak is a combination of a sport kayak and a sit-on-top. There is no cockpit in Aquarius Coster, and a kayaker sits ‘on top’.

Surfski type kayaks are very popular in the US, and are increasingly often seen in European seas and oceans.


Material version
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacum
Club+: carbon/kevlar + vacum
Carbon: full carbon + vacum
Length: 580cm
od 16 kg
(w zal. od wersji materialowej)
Waga kajakarza

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