Aquarius SEA DIMENSION 530

A classic expedition kayak. Recommended for those who are beginning their adventure with kayak tourism, to keep them stable and safe. Two big baggage hatches of a total loading capacity of over 120 l. enable to take baggage for long trips. In 2011, Piotr Opacian covered 1200km in a Sea Dimension kayak during a solitary journey round the Gulf of Bothnia.

Almost a flat bottom of a very wide V cone angle provides a high lateral stability and low floating resistance. SEA DIMENSION 530 is fast and responsive. Its high bow is excellent for high sea waves.

Aquarius Sea Dimension has two baggage hatches (bow and stern) as well as an additional waterproof day hatch (3 l.) behind the cockpit. In the bow, another waterproof compartment for small things (2 l.) has been mounted and a profiled place for a compass. Stern baggage hatches have been divided additionally by the third bulkhead and have individual manholes. Fittings have been placed under especially profiled hollows in the deck.

Standard equipment:
• Rear Small Cargo Space
• Decklines
• Rudder flip off
Additional equipment:
• Front Small Cargo Space
• Skeg
• Self Rescue System


Material version
Club: diolen/kevlar + vacumClub+: carbon/kevlar + vacumCarbon: full carbon + vacum
Length: 530 cm
Width: 60 cm
Outer cockpit: 87 x 48 cm
Kokpit wew.: 79 x 40 cm
Club: 26 kg; Club+: 24 kg
Full Carbon: 21 kg
Color schemes
Classic, Pro+, Orca
Cockpits size
Front and rear: 60 l.
Małe: tylny: 3 l; przedni: 2 l

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