Outrigger Canoe (OC) boat designed for sea races. A narrow hull structure (37cm wide) with an additional outrigger, refers to classic Polynesian boats and enables to achieve high speeds..

A closed hull structure is typical for sit-on-top kayaks, with a seat on board. The hull and outrigger have been made with a technology popular in sport kayaks, epoxy vacuum. Sea Bandit is equipped in the standard version with a foam profiled seat and a full rudder set. The hull and outrigger feature breathers. Outrigger and jib can be dismounted..

Outrigger Canoe boat races are one of the national sports in Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa. They are very spectacular and gain more and more popularity in Europe. Aquarius is the only Polish producer of Outrigger Canoe and one of the few in Europe.

Standard equipment:
• profilowane siedzenie piankowe • układ sterowy • pływak • dwa drążki mocujące z aluminium • korki odpowietrzające.


Length: 656cm
Width: 37cm
Waga: 17 kg
Waga łodzi + pływak + drążki aluminiowe: 20 kg

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