Waterproof bag GOPACK LITE RIPSTOP 30L

A light waterproof bag with a transparent window to make its content visible. It protects the interior from rain, splashing, and during short-time immersion. It floats on a surface after falling into water.

Made of RipStop type material (light material of a mesh structure resistant to tearing and coated with polyurethane to assure water tightness). Tarpaulin, which is very resistant to abrasion, has been used in the bag’s bottom. The bag is UV radiation and salt water resistant. Seams heated in high frequency HFW current technology are very resistant and 100% tight.

The bag is equipped with a simple waterproof fastening system. You should roll a sleeve three times and brace it with a clamp. Rolled fastening can function as a comfortable handle.


30 liters
Color options

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